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.......( [tangential / peripheral / nondisciplinary]  statements, pics & ideas)

Oneiric Gravitational Impulses.
(drawing installation 6/2021)

This attempt at a non-linear narrative is specifically focused on the experience of (and conflation of) location, space, gravity, and other sensational considerations…


The value (for me) in spatial drawing and gestural mark-making is in the act/process of negotiating an (internal) impulse with the physical act of handling the idiosyncratic elements of a particular surface. Working in a space with four walls is an opportunity to see and conflate imagery that I consider a visual manifestation of the fluctuating sensation(s) of gravity, as experienced in dreaming (and forms of lucidity)...


...represented here are specific places, memories (real and dreamt), levitation, propulsion, dragging, falling, wormholing, spanning, sinking, pushing, and disintegrating. 


ruminations and marinations: legacy is a dirty, yet somehow unused, piece of paper.

These most current drawings emerge from an ongoing amusement with imagistic tendencies, figurative fence-sitting, dream cultivating, and a wealth of other psychosomatic absurdities.


Any figures and/or metaphors represented often function as my minions, imps of the perverse*, and fantastical psychological projections that resist their anti-gravity environments. They are first produced in miniature with familiar and humanoid characteristics, often void** of emotive distinction, and whose personality will rely on the random artificial environment it had the misfortune to be born into.


Invented narrative form is seemingly didactic, but no more so than an inkblot test.

Additional characters, symbols, toys, restraining devices, critters, and entertainers are here for your*** amusement only.

*Donald Kuspit

**'voiding freely'


....misalignment  :                                  

Drawing is an act of immediacy, where the mark is in metronomic alignment to conscious and abstract thoughts and thought patterns. A quick/gestural mark is an analogic illustration of an internal (brief) moment.


Drawing is a direct documentation of thought -

It advances as a series of thoughts…





…and often fragmented.


Regarding plumbobs…

…space defining mechanisms…



… @ seat of embodiment.

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